All of our projects and services use volunteers in some capacity. Quite frankly, TwentyTwenty could neither have started or continued without the selfless energy and commitment of these amazing people. If you volunteer for TwentyTwenty, you will get a clear role description, a dedicated manager, and tons of development opportunities. Best of all you'll get an enriching experience knowing that your talents are being put to life changing use. So many of our volunteers are amazed by how much they grow and learn through their time with us and the young people we exist to serve.

Placements with Twenty Twenty would be of particular interest to students interested in a career in Social Work, care, Teaching, Educational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, the police, Youth Work or Special education. The roles would be guided somewhat by individual criteria and interests but duties are likely to include:


- Assisting teachers in classroom settings (with anywhere from 3-20 students)

- One-to-one coaching of young people achieving low-level qualifications

- Supporting young people at-risk of Crime or ASB

- Admin, marking and other paperwork bits that are involved in any teaching or youth work job!

- Getting involved with organising events with us, from trips, to open days, to parents evening.

- One-to-one classroom support for those with specific needs such as Autism, dyslexia, or other issues that could be helped by one-to-one support.


Depending on your skills and preferences, by the end of the year previous placement students have ran their own groups, sessions and one-to-ones, both in schools and in our Lifeskills Centres. We have Centres in Leicester and Derby, so there would be opportunity to be based at either of the Centres. A lot of our placement assistants carry on volunteering at least one day a week in their own time.


If you'd like to discuss the possibility of volunteering for us in one of the ways above or in another capacity, please email your enquiry or alternatively download our application and GDPR form and e-mail to [email protected]