All of our projects and services use volunteers in some capacity. Quite frankly, TwentyTwenty could neither have started or continued without the selfless energy and commitment of these amazing people. If you volunteer for TwentyTwenty, you will get a clear role description, a dedicated manager, and tons of development opportunities. Best of all you'll get an enriching experience knowing that your talents are being put to life changing use. So many of our volunteers are amazed by how much they grow and learn through their time with us and the young people we exist to serve.

Examples of ways people volunteer for us include:

- Mentoring a young person for a year as part of our mentoring scheme

- Being a classroom assistant at one of our Lifeskills centres 

- Being a receptionist at one of our Lifeskils centres

- Helping to set up and run one of our weekly Love4Life girls groups

- Doing mock interviews with our students who are about to apply for jobs

- Acting as an expert advisor to the management team and/or trustee board

- Helping to organise and run a student enrichment trip or day out

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of volunteering for us in one of the ways above or in another capacity, please email your enquiry to [email protected] or contact the manager of the Lifeskills centre nearest you. We'd love to hear from you!

Derby Lifeskills Centre

T. 01332 348449

E. [email protected]

Leicester Lifeskills Centre

T. 0116 261 9790

E. [email protected]

Loughborough Lifeskills Centre

T. 01509 236144

E. [email protected]