Young people are helped to examine their core strengths, areas of interest and work-ready competencies, and on our educational courses, this is done in the light of our 'Journey to Work' framework. This framework was developed by a range of partner businesses and is a comprehensive table of vital skills and qualifications young people need to be ready for work experience, and eventually employment. Those we work with can clearly chart their progress along the path to their goals, and we celebrate ‘quick wins’ to boost confidence and encourage full engagement in the journey to wellbeing and work.

The nuts and bolts of this approach include:

  • Asking questions, rather than 'selling' answers
  • Listening for and reinforcing evidence of the strengths, resources and competence
  • Working with what young people can do, not what they can't
  • Finding out what young people are already doing that is helpful and exploring ways to amplify their strategies
  • Focusing on the details of the solutions not the problems
  • Developing individual action plans which work
  • Working in partnership with other organisations that bring complementary support and different opportunities

In short we help young people see their innate capabilites, develop them in a goal focused way, and overcome problems through positive practical strategies.