My academic background is in mathematics, and I held a career in tax practice for seven years before joining TwentyTwenty. I am also a self-employed personal development coach.

My career at TwentyTwenty began in April 2015, in response to a Tweet recruiting for sessional workers to support students under the age of 16 for a few hours a week. Little did I know at the time that I would spend the next two years teaching students across all three centres.

TwentyTwenty is currently going through a period of organisational change which aims to create a greater positive impact on the lives of the young people we support. In my role as the Positive Impact Programme Coordinator, I have overall responsibility for the coordination of the projects that have been established to ensure we create the desired positive impact.

My journey so far has been full of challenges, copious amounts of fun, exposure to an incredibly loving team, and most importantly the opportunity for continual growth. We help young people create brighter futures, and will continue to do so.