I am the Functional Skills Teacher in the Derby Centre and my aim is to help young people achieve their potential and build the best life possible for themselves.

I started out my career as a gym instructor and semi-professional footballer, but when I suffered a bad injury I took my football coaching qualifications and started to coach young people in my spare time.

I absolutely loved working with young people so decided to change career and got a job in a local secondary school. I spent 12 years at the school working in various roles before the amazing opportunity to work for Twenty Twenty came along which is the perfect environment for me to work in and enables me to help young people in a positive way.

My approach to teaching is the same as when I coach football which is to make it as fun and interesting as possible so that the students enjoy what they are doing and get more out of it.

I still regularly play and coach football in my spare time and enjoy spending time with my family. I also enjoy travelling to new places.