We don’t just focus on partnering with businesses that are able to donate money (although that is important too!) we also look to partner organisations that are able to play a strategic role in helping us to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. Our business partnerships are crucial for the continued delivery of our education programmes, which positively impact the lives of hundreds of young people each year. 

Business Testimonials

I was keen to get involved with TwentyTwenty again after taking one of their learners on a work experience placement back in 2015-16. She was a brilliant addition to our team and worked really hard in the lead up to our first annual Student Wordsmith Awards evening. Upon getting involved again, I was keen to ensure that the students were getting as much help as they could from me and my organisation, The Student Wordsmith, in order to prepare them for the world of work. I helped with CV workshops and even gave the students a tour of my current workplace at Loughborough University so that they could gain some insight into what different workplaces were really like. The students and staff were a pleasure to work with during these sessions and I look forward to visiting them again in future. Dr Sophie-Louise Hyde, Loughborough University LoatesHR are proud to have worked with TwentyTwenty in 2017/18. We have been involved in the Journey to Work (J2W) projects which consist of running workshops for a class of young people on topics including Application Forms and Workplace Expectations. Our experience so far has shown us above and beyond attitudes and dedication from the organisation’s mentors and leaders. The attentiveness to each individual on the course and the staff’s ability to work with each young person on a tailored level was amazing. Team Loates has enjoyed working with such an enthusiastic and committed charity that they can’t wait to work together again! Matilda Swanson, HR Consultant at LoatesHR
Bird Wilford & Sale Solicitors have enjoyed working with TwentyTwenty for many years now. I first became involved with an employability skills course, TwentyTwenty asked for my help because they like to have local professionals to deliver presentations to their students. The ability to present yourself well and articulate your point of view is an important life skill. At first I was a bit concerned about how to make my presentation interesting to this audience as they may not all be interested in my job. For that reason we developed an interactive session, like a courtroom debate, where students get to argue both sides of a debate on a topic they have chosen. One student gets to act as the judge (he or she even gets a gavel, which sometimes gets overused) and the other students have to prepare and present their case. The students have been very grateful for my time and it has been impressive to watch them go from being sometimes too shy to then just going for it and enjoying it. I find the sessions rewarding too, it’s been fun meeting the students and staff and talking to them. I feel pleased that TwentyTwenty exists and that these students are being given this great local opportunity. If your business is considering offering similar help to TwentyTwenty I would really encourage you. Lizzie Marjoram, Solicitor, Bird Wilford & Sale Foxprint has had the opportunity to support TwentyTwenty for the past 3 years. We have been involved in Mock Interviews, Workplace Visits and visits to meet various study groups at TwentyTwenty. All the staff go well and beyond their job roles providing the young people a very encouraging and nourishing environment to better themselves. It is very admirable to feel and see the determination of the young people to overcome some of very challenging circumstances in their lives - at such a young age! TwentyTwenty could not succeed without the complete dedication of their staff members! We are very proud to carry on supporting this very great organisation for years to come. Anne-Mari Niemela, Managing Director, Foxprint

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