We're delighted to announce that we have been awarded funding from the Co-op Foundation to enable us to embed Youth Social Action as a routine part of our mentoring program through our Derby Lifeskills Centre. As part of this funding we are now proudly a partner in the Foundation's 'Belong' network, working with other charities to tackle youth loneliness across the country. 

Giving young people a voice and then ensuring that they are heard have both always been important at TwentyTwenty. Now that we are partnered with the Co-op Foundation and the #iWill campaign, we'll be able to support young peoples' voices to be speak out more constructively than ever before and help to end youth loneliness and isolation. 

Through our mentoring program, young people in Derby will be supported by their mentors to try out a variety of local volunteering, campaigning and fundraising activities that will provide a double-benefit to themselves and to their local communities. They will also be invited to join youth-led panels within TwentyTwenty to encourage young people to be more involved in sharing their ideas across the organisation and making youth participation an even bigger part of our work.    

Both social action and participation in youth panels are great ways for young people to develop their skills and confidence, and to feel more empowered, whilst at the same time developing a greater understanding of their communities and what goes on in them. They provide opportunities for our young people to meet a variety of new and different kinds of people, challenging them to develop their social skills and make new friends. And so for the often severely isolated young people that we work with, these social action initiatives will open new doors for them and encourage them to be more involved and active citizens in the Derby communities.   

We're so excited to be getting this project underway, and are so grateful to the Co-op Foundation for making it possible! 

If you'd like to learn more about youth social action you can visit the #iWill website by clicking here or to learn more about the other projects supported by the Co-op Foundation through the 'Belong' network, please click here