Being at TwentyTwenty has opened up so many new opportunities for me. It has boosted my confidence and I now feel that I am ready to progress in life, I can’t express how thankful I am. Thank you TwentyTwenty!! (Derby Student, May 2018)

This story details the journey one young man had with TwentyTwenty. He first attended TwentyTwenty as his extreme anxiety, depression has ADHD, Asperger’s and insomnia led to him dropping out of college. It was difficult for him to engage at first, his attendance and timekeeping was sporadic and he often failed to attend sessions. When he did attend, he was often reluctant to accept support, he had regular mood swings and would choose to sit alone. Fast forward to now, he is doing so well! His confidence has improved, he engages with sessions and regularly meets with his dedicated Journey to Work Coach. He’s also made a massive improvement in his timekeeping and attendance! This young person has also chosen to engage with our Mentoring Programme, which involves him meeting with his volunteer mentor on a weekly basis.

As part of our Journey to Work course, this amazing young person has recently completed a 2-week work experience placement at L.E.A.D IT Services. He completed 65-hours of work, starting at 8.30am and finishing at 4.45pm. This placement was located 7 miles from his home, so required him to plan his transport and get up and organised early in the mornings. It’s a fantastic achievement that he had 100% attendance and at the end of week-one he was offered employment!  

It has been a pleasure having this young person working with us this week, and we have offered him the chance to come back and work with us during holidays to gather more experience. He has been a lovely student and has worked fantastically at whatever we have asked of him. (L.E.A.D IT Service Employer, May 2018)

The Future is Bright: this young person has accepted the job offer with L.E.A.D IT Services and he is currently applying for a place at Derby College on the Games Development course.