When your relationships are good, it makes life so much easier and more enjoyable. But unfortunately the opposite is also true; when you have one or more difficult relationships, life, school, study, anything and everything can be affected.

Sometimes you can end up in relationships where:

- you don't feel safe

- you're being asked to do things you don't want to

- you're being bullied

- an adult is failing to support you

- you feel depressed 

- your self esteem suffers

Or you can find it difficult to form good and healthy relationships with males and females of your own age or older.

If any of these describe what's happening for you, or if there is some other major relationship issue that is seriously worrying you then we may be able to help. 

In and around our Lifeskills centres we run a range of projects such as Love4Life (which includes 1to1 sessions, workshops, girls only groups, lunch clubs and more) where you can learn vital relationship skills and discuss your feelings and challenges in a totally safe and supportive environment.

There's no need to struggle on by yourself. If you'd like to know more, click to take a look at the Lifeskills centre that's nearest where you live, either Derby or Leicester and use the contact details to give us a shout. We're easy to approach so there's nothing to be nervous about.