TwentyTwenty was set up to help young people get a clear vision of the amazing things they can achieve, and to gain the skills to fulfil their ambitions. Many of the young people we work with come from difficult backgrounds, or are struggling to thrive in school – some have even left school early without a plan to take their lives forward. And yet time and time again, we see these same young people go beyond the expectations that they and others have of them, and develop the attitudes abilities and qualifications to succeed in life. This excites me so much, especially as I grew up on a tough housing estate in Wales where I was part of a group of friends that faced many of the challenges that some of our young people face!

As Chief Executive I carry overall responsibility for developing both the strategy of TwentyTwenty and the staff team to make it all happen. I am so proud of all our staff and volunteers. Their passion for young people inspires me on a daily basis.