Our mentoring scheme supports young people aged 10-24 who are at risk of educational disengagement and/or involvement in antisocial behaviour/crime. We recruit and train dedicated volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, and continue developing them while they mentor a young person who needs the guidance and support of an adult role model.

Matched mentor/mentee pairs meet a minimum of one hour each week for a year. Meetings take place in schools (outside of class time), at our centres, or in ‘neutral’ venues such as cafes and sports venues depending on the needs of the mentee. They may take place after school, at weekends, or during school holidays.

With ongoing support from a dedicated full time Mentor Coordinator, they undertake a range of 1-to-1 activities (E.g. cafes, libraries, sports, cooking, attending appointments etc.) and goal-setting in relating to key life-areas such as:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Drugs/alcohol,
  • Health
  • Attitude/self-control
  • Reduction in antisocial behaviour/crime
  • Confidence
  • Life skills
  • Debt
  • Housing
  • Family issues 


The combination of diversionary activities, holistic and practical support, deliberate movement into education/employment, and new circles of relationships/role-models, helps the young person build the confidence, qualifications, life-management skills and networks to make a lasting positive change.

In the last year we have supported 262 young people through mentor/mentee relationships, 95% of whom achieved their goals and moved on to a positive education/employment destination after leaving TwentyTwenty.

If you would like to get more information and discuss the life changing possibility of having a mentor or if you are interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer mentor, please contact:

Christian Zamore christian.zamore@twentytwenty.org.uk (07875 420055) or

Andy Stone andy.stone@twentytwenty.org.uk (07957 518599)

if you live in Derbyshire


John Olaleye john.olaleye@twentytwenty.org.uk (07972 223216) or

Amy Connell amy.connell@twentytwenty.org.uk (07572 307043)

if you live in Leicestershire

If you’d like to refer a young person to our mentoring scheme:

Use this application form for young people living in Derby

Use this application form for young people living in Leicester

Use this application form for young people living in Loughborough