Based in the Loughborough Lifeskills centre and across Charnwood Borough, Love4Life specialises in delivering targeted relationship and sex education by supporting young people who are facing difficulties in these areas, including sexual health, staying safe and the potential risk of sexual exploitation.

All of our work embeds building positive self-esteem, body image and handling of emotions in order to help the young person become more resilient and become more confident.

We support young people in gaining knowledge of how to be safe online, how to know whether they’re putting themselves into a risky situation, understanding signs of an unhealthy or abusive relationships, and discovering their values and the characteristics they should expect of a potential partner or friend.

We believe that once young people feel good about themselves they are more likely to make healthy and positive choices for their lives.

How this looks:

1-to-1 specialist pastoral support (referral service)

This service focuses on enabling girls to talk about issues within the topic of relationships, sex, being safe in addition to improving resilience and becoming more confident. Our referral criteria helps us to target those individuals who are struggling the most and provide relevant support. Sessions can be held in schools, colleges, homes or the community; whatever best suits the referred girl. (Please note this service is currently only for girls aged 11-19).


Our workshops provide a range of engaging, informative and honest workshops aiming to address some of the most pressing issues our young people face today. We are passionate about young people having a voice and learning from each other in a healthy and positive way. Our workshops help to develop girls and boys aged 11-19’s understanding of their own bodies and values in the context of their own development, friendships, romantic or sexual relationships. These workshops can be booked upon further enquiry and delivered in secondary schools, colleges and other appropriate organisations.

Girls Groups

As part of engaging with and supporting the most in need communities in the area Love4Life run after school girls only groups. We meet every week (excluding half terms and Easter Holiday, however we provide alternative activities during the Summer Holidays) in different community venues providing various activities such as; arts and crafts, cooking, sports and dance, topic based activities and general girl chats.

Unlike traditional youth groups, Love4Life’s girls groups are intentionally small in number, targeted to boost confidence and create new friendships and we’re value building a little family atmosphere that girls can be a part of for many years.

Girls do not need to be referred to participate in a group but will be required to complete a detailed consent form after their first time coming along.


We are excited to work in partnership with other organisations and charities supporting the young people in their care.

For more information, advice or guidance about any of our services, please get in touch with a member of the Love4Life team.

T. 01509 236144

E. [email protected]