Love4Life exists to show love and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people, helping them discover again who they are and flourish to live out a brighter future for themselves. We see that when a young person feels good about themselves, they develop the confidence to pursue their dreams, have the strength to change their attitudes and lifestyles and begin to show empathy for those around them.

I began working with TwentyTwenty as a volunteer supporting Love4Life and I haven’t left since. I now have the privilege of leading Love4Life and working with over 150 teenage girls each year. The team and I are passionate about delivering high quality, relevant, fun and engaging support to those who are most at need.

I love hearing young people have honest and open conversations about what’s going on in their lives and how they feel. I love giving them to space to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships and safely ask questions and learn about sex and sexual health. And I never get bored of telling young people how valuable and unique they are, because amongst all of the lies they can believe about themselves, that’s the one thing that is always and forever true.