I started working for TwentyTwenty in September 2016 after working in a similar environment in the education sector for the last 10 years. I am committed to empowering young people who may be disengaged in education by helping them overcome personal and social barriers to learning. This ranges from support to reengage in education, gain or improve qualifications, build on their confidence and self-belief, improve their attendance and timekeeping or demonstrate a commitment to learning.  I feel each young person should be treated as an individual and therefore their learner journey needs to reflect that.

I am extremely passionate about my role at TwentyTwenty as the Employability Tutor as it enables me to make a positive impact on the young people I work with to make a difference in their life allowing them to progress onto further education, an apprenticeship or employment. The ongoing support that TwentyTwenty offers alongside this is amazing. 

Some of the experiences from mainstream education that have prevented many young people achieving their full potential I can relate to as I had a very unsettled education due to me being as I reflect on myself now as “The teenage from hell”. I was very disruptive and did all I could to give my teachers a hard time which led to me being excluded at the age of 14. I had to gain my qualifications then later in life but this has not stopped me achieving and being the person I am today, it just took self-belief, willpower and accepting support along the way.

Outside of TwentyTwenty I am a Nannie to my 2 beautiful grandchildren who I adore spending time with and keeping me full of energy but equally still gives me time for a few cocktails with friends at the weekend. My biggest fear is SPIDERS!!!