Our Young People's Feedback

Read below about how working with local businesses has supported our young peoples' progression through TwentyTwenty. Thank you to all business partners who have helped to change young peoples' lives.

"I started at TwentyTwenty last summer wanting to gain some confidence and also knowing that college was not for me. Added to that, I wanted to gain some work experience and qualifications in maths and English to enable me a better chance of gaining an apprenticeship when I completed the programme. I found the programme to be really helpful as much of the focus was on each individual person - and that really helped me learn and increase my confidence. Towards the end of the course, I completed two weeks of work experience at a primary school and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working there. I gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. Such was the impression that I made on the staff and students I worked with, I was offered an apprenticeship on the last day of my placement and started the week after I left TwentyTwenty. I also passed my maths level 1, IT level 1 and English level 2. I am very proud of what I have achieved at TwentyTwenty and so are my parents, and that makes me happy. I would like to say a big thank you to the TwentyTwenty staff that supported me through my journey – Thank you!" 

"During my time on the programme, I had many opportunities to challenge myself. My anxiety back then was extreme in certain situations, thinking of job interviews, speaking in front of people and working in large groups was scary! Once I successfully completed the programme, TwentyTwenty helped me follow my ambitions by inviting me back to be a volunteer classroom assistant. It was interesting being on the other side of the fence to see how the organisation ran from a staff perspective. After 5-months of volunteering, I’m very proud that after a successful interview, I’m now a full-time member of staff as the Apprentice Classroom Assistant! I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who is involved with TwentyTwenty. Firstly, the passionate, hardworking teachers who have saved me and many others from being lost in the system and secondly those who work so hard behind the scenes getting funding and meeting businesses to keep TwentyTwenty open. A motto that I have created to describe TwentyTwenty is: “it’s where the misunderstood are finally understood.” 

"I really enjoyed my time I spent on my work placement because it’s the career I’m interested to do in the future. My next plan is to apply for an apprenticeship in mechanics". 

"I went to Moat Street pre-school and I took the role of a play group assistant. It was a great atmosphere and the staff were welcoming and very helpful". 

"I enjoyed my work experience all the staff at Tesco were really nice and very helpful. I would love to go back and get a part-time job there.” 

"I enjoyed myself on work experience so much that I was upset to leave. I learnt how to use a variety of tools and also how efficiently I can acquire knowledge and skills. The experience was really reassuring as it has shown me that I am capable of working, despite the many difficulties I face. Also it has defined a direction of a career path I want to explore".

"Loving, welcoming, friendly environment. I learnt a lot more about animal welfare whilst on work experience. It has made me feel more confident in myself and my future".

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