Our journey with Impetus began in April 2015, after a rigorous financial and operational due diligence on their part. To date they have investigated the possibility of partnership with over 2500 charities and only invested in 50! We undertook a focus year with them which involved the whole staff team along with the trustees doing four full days of workshops in London, two at the Gherkin!

Over the course of these workshops we redefined our mission statement, nailing our colours to the mast as a charity focusing its efforts on that most elusive but all important of outcomes - helping disadvantaged young people move into sustained employment. Out of that we made a host of critical decisions regarding the eligibility criteria of those we work with, and developed our pioneering 'Journey to Work' matrix. This is a set of key competencies, developed with local businesses, that young people need in order to be ready for work experience and eventually a job. We fully developed this matrix as complete scheme of work that will frame our young people's time with us, and their training priorities. 

From the workshops was created a detailed blueprint of the organisation we want to be and the impact we want to make over the coming three years, and the performance management architecture that will be developed to ensure consistent evaluation, improvement against, and achievement of all our outcome targets.

The next stage was to develop a detailed fully costed implementation plan that mapped the exact steps needed and milestones to be reached in order to turn the blueprint into a reality. This involved a wholesale redesign of our delivery model in to an 18 month fully coached 'Journey to Work' programme that stays with the young person for a whole year after they move on to college or work. Our plan was then presented to and assessed by the Impetus investment committee who agreed to make a much longer investment into TwentyTwenty as an organisation at the vanguard of fighting poverty and worklessness amongst the young people classed as 'NEET' (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The Impetus package of investment is second to none, offering unrestricted funding, top flight pro bono support, and the weekly contact with a dedicated investment manager. It has been a rigorous and very demanding process involving all staff and trustees, which we have loved every second of.

We're now undertaking a detailed change management programme to start putting our plans into action, moving to the new model, and building our learning and evaluation capabilities. We're indebted to Impetus for their investment and support, and in partnership with them, we look forward to seeing thousands of young people succeed against the odds, find a decent job, and keep it!