TwentyTwenty’s award winning model of providing life-changing education and support is made up of three stages; Engage, Prepare, & Progress. Each stage builds on the achievements from the previous stage and effectively prepares young people for employment.

Helping disadvantaged young people to become committed, productive, and appealing job applicants, requires partnership with businesses.

Businesses can help in a number of ways by supporting young people to develop employability skills and providing employment for them on completing the course.


Developing aspirations is their starting point. Businesses are key to showing young people a range of employment opportunities, some of which they previously considered beyond their reach or didn’t know existed.

ENGAGE young people by providing:

• Mentoring

• Tours of your company

• Employee testimonials


Young people need greater exposure to businesses to prepare them for employment opportunities. Your time will provide confidence to young people preparing them effectively for work.

PREPARE young people for work by providing:

• Work experience

• Practice interviews

• Volunteers for lessons

• Skills workshops


By employing a young person businesses break cycles of deprivation and poverty, as well as gain a valuable member of staff.

PROGRESS them by providing:

• Jobs

• Apprenticeships

• Paid training

• Progression coaches


Providing TwentyTwenty with financial and non financial resources to run its life changing programmes, is a great way to make a lasting impact and achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility.

INVEST in young people through:

• Fundraising

• Donations

• Expert advice

• Low cost services

To find out more about becoming a TwentyTwenty business partner you can read our Creating Bright Future's brochure, or contact Olivia Pitt, Corporate Manager:

T. 07376 800641

E. [email protected]