Christian Zamore Anyone I've met since leaving Antigua would never have seen me with short hair! I started growing and braiding my hair 20 years ago although my mum has tried to get me to cut it numerous times! :D To show my commitment to the charity I work for (TwentyTwenty) I will be cutting my 20 years of hair on Tuesday 21st May 2019. This may seem small to some but I am genuinely scared to see what I will look like after 20 years of long hair. Suppose I hate it! Suppose it doesn’t suit me! We’ll soon find out.

I was encouraged to do something challenging and meaningful for my charity. You know how sporty I am so won’t be surprised to know I’ve already ran a marathon, done numerous events, and competed for club and country in numerous sports. Cutting my hair after 20 years is a serious thing for me which I’ve changed my mind about 6 times in the past month alone. I said if I do this it better be worth it so I’m doing it for TwentyTwenty who I’ve dedicated the last 9 years of my working life to. I needed to create this before I chickened out and changed my mind AGAIN! As soon as one person donates there’s no going back.

Please help me to make this worthwhile by donating anything you can afford to TwentyTwenty. I’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with hundreds of young people through TwentyTwenty. Every penny will go straight to this charity that supports the most disadvantaged and disengages young people across Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland. We help young people to develop the confidence, personal resources and skills to move forward in their education and find sustainable employment. You can check out our work here: Christian Zamore