All the work we currently do with young people, and the plans we have to extend our services to reach even more of those who need it, means we have to raise a lot of money, currently around £1.8 million a year. There are numerous ways we do this, such as through contracts, sale of services, grant foundations, and private donors. As we continue to grow, the extent to which we rely on individual fundraisers is growing too, and that's why we encourage people to consider fundraising for us.

There are tons of cool ways to do this:

You can participate in one of our amazing fundraising events, or you might have one of your own ideas, either way, the TwentyTwenty fundraising team will support you every step of the way. 

If you've already decided how you want to go about raising funds to help TwentyTwenty change young lives, you can create your own fundraising page on our website and invite your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and support you. You can track how much money you have raised and keep people updated on your progress.

For more information, please contact Dani De Simone:

T. 07495 055460

E. [email protected]