I went through a tough time in high school. I was diagnosed with ADHD, my behaviour in lessons was very disruptive and it led me to becoming very alone and isolated from the other students. Thankfully, I had a pastoral team that fought my corner, listened to my concerns, calmed me down after incidents and helped get me through my years of secondary school.

The continual support I got from the pastoral team inspired me; it made me want to work with young people. I have a lot of knowledge of the issues that young people of today are facing, and I have a passion for working with young people who have emotional and/or behavioural difficulties.

In November 2016, I joined the TwentyTwenty Journey To Work programme. I completed the course leaving with a Level 1 Maths qualification, work ready skills and a lot more confidence.

I then went on to volunteer in the classroom for the charity for 5 months and then I was employed as the apprentice.

I enjoy working at TwentyTwenty because I’m amongst other like-minded individuals. I enjoy the challenges that every day brings just as much as I enjoy seeing the young people succeed.