Before coming to TwentyTwenty I was doing nothing with my time, I had just come back from living in Skegness, where I had been for a few years. I decided to move back to Loughborough because I missed being around my friends and I knew there were more opportunities for me in Loughborough. This was a huge step because I was leaving the security of being with my mum.

When I arrived in Loughborough I had my heart set on doing something around Music, and went to College but I didn’t have the grades to get in. I was gutted, but they mentioned TwentyTwenty. I had experience of TwentyTwenty, because when I was 13 I was referred to them after being excluded from school; I was a bit naughty, but having Pre16 and Mentoring really helped. My experience of TwentyTwenty was a great one when I was younger, so I knew coming here would be a safe and good option.  I had been out of education for two years so I thought I would give it a shot.  I felt settled straight away and made lots of great friends! I felt that everyone understood me, respected me and knew what support I needed.

During the last 6 months, I have gained loads of qualifications, with one of the best being Photography. Like I said I love music, and I was given the freedom to design some album covers which are hanging up on the wall. I really liked having the freedom to do this. I also got lots of support, and would see Tyler for pastoral sessions, where we would chat about how to express my anger in a more healthy way. I became better at talking to people when I felt angry, and would chat to Liv, Tyler and Amie if things became too much.

I also did two weeks work experience at Peter Pizzeria, Dom was great at supporting me and it was here that I realized I love doing catering. Since leaving TwentyTwenty I have gained a part-time job at Peter Pizzeria where I am doing a catering apprenticeship and I can’t wait to get a full time job at the end.