Joe was 17 when he joined us at TwentyTwenty, he had dropped out of Murray Park due to illness and anxiety after his grandfather died. He had completed his ninth year in secondary school but was soon being home-schooled. For almost two years he did not leave the house. At 17 his mother got into contact with someone who recommended TwentyTwenty. He finished the course Engage with a 75% attendance, which eventually led Joe to win the student of the year award of 2018. He did not expect anything great at first, just figured that he would go for a few days and then drop out again, this all changed when he actually started with us at TwentyTwenty he started building friendships with his fellow students. Joe said “staff aren’t really like staff but best friends”. He wanted to give a shout out to Paul who helped him gain three functional skills, Maths, English and ICT. After TwentyTwenty Joe’s story continued to college where he gained a gcse and found work through an apprenticeship. One of our staff members Karen also helped him a great deal, she plays a large role in helping students from TwentyTwenty find a job they actually want, and where they can thrive instead of young adults being forced into jobs. After asking Joe where he would have ended if not for TwentyTwenty and he said probably still at home and not have a proper job and no clear view of what the future would bring.