Hello there, my name is James King and I am 16 years of age.

Before I had mentoring through TwentyTwenty I sometimes felt very alone like I didn’t have anyone to talk to. I used get really angry and I couldn’t always control it, I did hurt people. I got into a lot of trouble assaulting a boy and I was referred to TwentyTwenty for help. When I was first told about the mentoring program I didn’t want to do it, it sounded like it would be a pain. But given the choice of mentoring or community service I decided to give it a go.

At first I didn’t like it but as I got to know Hannah I enjoyed sessions. I would now 100 percent recommend mentoring at TwentyTwenty for other kids in trouble like I was.  Hannah has helped me learn new things.

I now think I have more confidence to go out and get things that I want. I recently got my CBT so that I can get about independently. I have also learnt about applying for work and now feel confident in making these steps for myself as well as finishing school and starting at college to pursue my dreams.

Since mentoring started I haven’t been in anymore trouble with the police and though I still can sometimes get angry it has helped me to have someone to talk to about problems that I am having so I can focus more of my time on moving towards my dreams and goals.

During sessions I have been to places that I have never before. I have visited museums in the city and learnt a lot about Leicester’s history. It was something I didn’t know I would find so interesting. We are now planning a trip to London for when my mentoring comes to an end.  We are hoping to visit the natural history museum and I am also trying to get Hannah to come to Planet Bounce with me.

I think I am slowly getting better. I have just started college and I am focused on a career in Hair Dressing, my ultimate plan to work on cruise ships and travel the world.  And for now I will continue enjoying mentoring sessions until I am ready for them to end.