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Your vital support will help people just like Joe...

Joe Barker received Derby Student of the Year Award at our Celebration Event in February 2019. He has amazed us all at TwentyTwenty and you would be excused for believing that the young person we see now and the young person we met 18 months ago are two separate people, his progress is so remarkable. Staff often get tearful when discussing Joe and have even had his mum cry in the office a few times…happy tears of course!

Joe first became known to TwentyTwenty in 2017. It took some time and a few home visits to convince him that he could trust us and to get him to pay us a visit at our Derby Centre. Eventually, he enrolled onto our Engage programme and soon progressed onto the Journey to Work Programme, completing both.

We remember those early days and how quiet Joe was. He found social situations difficult, had little confidence and low self-esteem, often finding it difficult to remain in the classroom, feeling overwhelmed and ‘escaping’ home without telling staff. Joe’s anxiety really took hold when it came to sitting exams and it took a few attempts to get him to come into the centre and sit through his exams.

During his time at TwentyTwenty, Joe worked really hard with teachers and coaches to set himself targets and overcome his barriers, all with the help of his awesome mum who never gave up. He began to form close bonds with classmates, subsequently building self-awareness and growing in confidence. Determination to succeed started to show through socially and emotionally, enabling him to conquer difficult situations which would have had flawed him previously.

He took part in 6 work exposures, demonstrating professionalism and interest. He then went on to complete two weeks of work experience, meeting new people, working in a variety of departments and taking on new challenges, including early mornings and long days! He overcame his exam phobia, achieving Level 2 qualifications in maths, English and ICT.

Prior to TwentyTwenty Joe was home-schooled as he could not face leaving the house alone, yet now is studying full-time at Derby College, travelling alone, going out with friends and living the life he deserves. Even though he is no longer a student of ours, he often pops round for a chat just to see how we are, and each time we are blown away by his confidence.