I have been with TwentyTwenty since May 2015 as their Student Recruitment and Engagement officer. My role involves me building relationships with referrers and young people, and filling our centres with students for all our current courses.

Prior to this I went travelling in East Africa visiting Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia (an experience of a lifetime, I highly recommend!) I volunteered at an orphanage in Kenya running personal and social development workshops through drama and spoken word. This experience really shaped my perspective on life, young people and the tools we give them to help them have the best start in life.

Prior to that I ran my own theatre company where I staged plays based on real life interviews. These plays documented the fascinating and challenging lives of local people in Leicester.

I’m passionate about people and their stories, and how their encounters have brought them to the point they are at now. But also how those stories impact them in making positive decisions going forward.

This passion has driven my work with TwentyTwenty as I not only recruit with the aim of populating our centres. I’m passionate about supporting them in addressing some of the most challenging aspects of their lives. My hope is that I can encourage them to engage in something positive that will shape a future they can be proud of, and a testimony they can use to inspire those after them.