I started working with TwentyTwenty in May 2015, soon after I returned from traveling in East Africa. I visited Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya, where I also volunteered at a orphanage in Nairobi, running personal and social development workshops through drama and spoken word. This experience really shaped my perspective on life and young people, and the tools we give them to have the best start in life.

I knew when I came back that I wanted to make the difference to the lives of those around me, and working with TwentyTwenty has given me the opportunity to do just that!

I am one of three Journey to Work Coaches in the Leicester Centre, and we work as a team to support all the young people that join our courses through one to one coaching. Using a solution focused approach, we work with them to find their strengths, past successes and the future aspirations that will enable them to visualise and live out their proposed goals.

TwentyTwenty is a great charity to work for, and I feel honoured to be a part of an amazing team that really does make a difference in the lives of young people everyday.