My experience as a student was a very positive and encouraging part of my life, Twenty Twenty helped me gain confidence in myself and taught me that I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. Now I am an Apprentice at Twenty Twenty and it is one of the best decisions I have made. The work is uplifting and exciting and I get to meet new people every day and experience young people succeed. The staff are very down to earth, encouraging and genuinely concerned about your well-being, overall they are an astounding bunch of people! I learnt a majority of skills from TwentyTwenty such as, photography, editing, helping bag pack at supermarkets and many more. I am forever grateful for this remarkable Charity to give me the opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve met a lot of people that I can genuinely call my family, including the staff and prior students. I enjoy horse riding, playing football, video games and socialising with friends.