We have been having a brilliant time with the CHL Foundation team who have been working with us in our Loughborough Lifeskills Centre to develop the cooking skills and nutritional understanding of our young people. They are having a fantastic time each week, and have made smoothies, granola and fruit salad to name a few. Quote of the week from one of our newbies, Leyton, who during a cooking lesson very proudly told us “I’ve just cracked an egg for the first time, it was sick!”

Important Note:

For those of you who don't know, in young person speak, sick means good. It used to mean sick as in unwell or disgusting or what you call in to work to pretend you are when you want to stay in bed, but if you're a young person, it means good; really good in fact. Don't use it this way though if you're over 30 because it will make you sound stupid!