According to the latest government statistics, across the East Midlands there are 67000 16-24 year olds officially classed as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). This represents 12.2% of the whole population in that age range, and is significantly higher than in the same period for the last two years. On our toughest estates in the region, the average NEET rate is often higher again, between 15% and 25%. And amongst certain priority groups, it’s greater still, e.g. care leavers (25%+), young offenders (45%+), teenage mums (65%+).

Successfully entering the job market is not getting any easier for young people, and the greater a young person’s disadvantage, the more likely they are to:

- remain NEET for longer

- have underdeveloped core skills and few qualifications

- fail to secure a job with prospects

- are 'scarred'psychologically and financially through long periods of unemployment

- develop a reliance on benefits and struggle to achieve financial independence

We work with those who find their disadvantages have blighted their prospects, leaving them stuck in a fog and stranded without the qualifications for college, the skills and experience employers require, and the healthy supportive relationship networks they need to thrive; those who are often well on their way to being long term NEET, and whose mental health is already suffering the negative effects of their predicament.

Our mission, defined in the statement at the top, is to see their situation reversed, their hopes renewed, and their prospects transformed. And we do this with a strong central emphasis on developing their readiness for and path towards employment. This keeps us tightly focused on all the key areas of development each young person needs to undergo, and provides a goal focused framework within which we can properly integrate our education, employability and support services. But most of all, we believe it is the most effective way that we can draw out the inherent talent and potential of each individual we work with, and give them the best chance possible of building a brighter future.