Our main ambition for all young people we work with, is that they will overcome their numerous personal and social disadvantages to become independent adults able to secure a good job. The transition from education to sustained work is one of the most difficult a young person can face, but success in doing that means a young person's chances of long term well being are heightened enormously.

The skills and qualities needed to make this transition are a mixture of:

1. Academic - with good core qualifications in maths and English a priority

2. Personal - such as confidence, reliability, self management, self presentation

3. Social - for example the ability to communicate well and form good relationships

4. Vocational - a good work ethic, and prior experience in a work environment

When we see young people under 16  struggling with things like disengagement from school, or dealing with a chronic low self image, or caught up in harmful relationships, or without any adult role model in employment, we realise that in addition to the current setbacks it causes them, it's leading to bigger problems down the line. So even when we're working with a person who is obviously too young to get a job, we still work with them in the light of developing their long term potential, and not just dealing with the present issue. 

There are three main ways that we work with young people who are under 16.

Our Love4life programme of pastoral support and workshops in schools

Our Love4life girls groups on local estates

Our volunteer mentoring scheme

And a separate programme that supports 11-16 year olds who are really struggling within mainstream education. We work with some of the most hard to reach young people through tailored 1 to 1 support, and provide an expert service to schools that want to engage their hardest to reach students better; those who are at risk of exclusion, have been excluded who are disaffected and showing very low attendance. We aim to inspire them to make positive choices, develop the self-belief and motivation to learn and progress in their education.