Thank you! 

Because of the generous donations of supporters, funders, friends and the amazing fundraising efforts of TwentyTwenty's own staff, volunteers & young people we as good as made out target!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated, shared our appeal & supported us. We are so grateful. 

Of course, you can still make a donation to the Brighter Futures Fund if you'd like. Please see below.  

The Brighter Futures Fund 

TwentyTwenty is on an urgent mission to raise £100,000 by the end of March 2018 – please join lots of amazing people who support our work and donate today!

At TwentyTwenty, we aim to create a brighter future for every young person that we work with. Since 2007 we have worked with over 2,000 young people. We are still ambitious about making a real impact on poverty in the UK, still believe young people deserve a chance to engage meaningfully with society and still plan to plant new Lifeskills Centres into priority areas of deprivation within the coming years.

To do this we are launching the Brighter Futures campaign, and are seeking support from businesses, individuals and grant providers – with a long-term goal of raising £1 million by 2020.

For now, we have set ourselves an ambitious target of £100,000 as the first ‘leg’ of our journey. This will enable to continue the life-changing work we do. Help us give Ronan - and many many others – the brighter future they deserve.

Thank you for your support.


What could it buy?

£396 would buy a young person's bus tickets for their entire 24 week education course

£600 would pay for one cohort of young people to sit their maths and English exams

£1,000 would cover the cost of a one-year mentoring relationship

£22,000 would pay for a qualified youth worker to run four Love4Life estate groups

£32,000 would cover a year's rent at one of our Lifeskills Centres